About the Owner

Kelly’s interest and passion in this profession began when she received amazing treatments herself. She began to immediately work in the Medi-spa field. To further her training she enrolled in the Cosmetic Laser Institute in Vancouver and studied under Dr. Yousef Shihab, whose passion for lasers has taken him from a high profile medical career as a general surgeon to an in-depth scientific researcher. Kelly had one on one training with the Doctor and excelled in Photo Rejuvination, Body Contouring and Hair Removal.

Neos Wellness Spa is the culmination of Kelly’s passion and training. Neos strives to offer the best prices to its customers, the newest equipment, and a personal touch that comes from Kelly’s own life-experiences with these amazing services.

With a background in esthetic training already, she began working on all aspects of the medi-spa business, learning the revolutionary methods of body sculpting, skin tightening and rejuvination as well as the means to permanently remove body hair through laser and Intense Pulsed Light.

Kelly’s Laser Certification (click to view)

Kelly Body Contouring Certification

Kelly Body Contouring Certification (Click to view)

Kelly IPL Certification

Kelly IPL Certification (Click to view)