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Hair Removal

Hair Removal Getting tired of the time and cost of shaving and waxing? Wouldn't it be nice to stop that hair growth for good? Neos is proud to offer its customers the latest 3rd generation equipment for Intense Pulsed Light PAINLESS hair removal. Using a broad-band spectrum of light,, this treatment uses light energy to...

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Facial Treatments

Facial Treatments Neos offers many solutions to your problems. Whether it be wrinkles around your eyes, poor skin suffering from rosacea or acne, or an area of skin that could use a little tightening, we can offer the appropriate service. Choose from the links below or scroll down for more details. Custom Photofacial Rejuvanation Dermed...

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Body Treatments

Body Treatments Sometimes the gym is not enough. As one ages, pockets of fat are naturally deposited and hard to target train. Liposuction is expensive, invasive, and requires time to recover. Recent advances in ultrasound treatments now allow you to lose fat through non-surgical methods. Where as liposuction requires incisions and recovery time, ultrasonic fat...

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Acne, Vein, and Hyperpigmentation

Acne, Vein and Hyperpigmentation Choose from the links below or scroll down to see our services. Hyperpigmentation Facial Thread veins, Rosacea, Spider Naevi and Leg Veins Acne or Rosacea   Hyperpigmentation Skin pigmentation are spots that usually occur in sun exposed areas on the body. Skin pigmentation is also known as age and/or liver spots....

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Eyelash Extensions

Cosmetic Enhancements Click on an option below or scroll down to see our services. Eyelash Extensions Sleek Brows   Eyelash Extensions Misencil eyelash extensions are the leading brand in lash extensions. A long lasting look that we can customize to your individual desired effect, no need for make up. A relaxing application process with complete...

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Teeth Whitening

Teeth Whitening Nothing goes better with your glowing skin than a beautiful, bright white smile! Neos is proud to welcome its latest treatment to get you looking your best -  Teeth Whitening. This painless procedure cleans the damaging effects of red wine, coffee, and other stains that form on the surface of your teeth to...

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