Massage & Reiki

1 Hour Lymph Drainage & Massage

1 hour Lymph Drainage massage session helps with moving the metabolic waste and unplugs the lymph nodes. If they are plugged up they can’t neutralize toxins so our body starts to put fat on to help dilute the toxins.  This is great for post laser and surgery swelling and pain relief. You will feel lighter,have more energy, and have more freedom with your body. This technique is also known to boost your immune system.

$150 per 1 hour session 

1 Hour Kick Bu$$ Massage

1 hour Kick Butt Massage was named by the locals because they usually feel IMPACTED…physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually- shifted after the 1st session.

We try hard to help you the first time with deeper techniques, bodywork, energy work & with a little body reading.

$150 per 1 hour session

1 hour Aromatherapy Relaxation Reiki Massage

This is the ultimate feel good and relax all the world away. We suggest the best way to get the most out of this treatment is to SHHHHHHHH!!! No coaching, No chatting. Just receive!

$125 per 1 hour session

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