PhotoFractional Rejuvenation

Think of our classic Photofacial but ON STEROIDS. We start your treatment off with a microdermabrasion as always, cause who doesn’t want all those dead skin cells sloughed away?? Then we use our M22 machine to treat your underlying skin concerns- veins and pigmentation be gone. We finish with our non-ablative fraction laser called the ResurFX…..just one pass all over and you’re done! 

The ResurFX works with our skin to stimulate collagen and elastin fiber production, in the deeper layers of our skin. Generally theses treatments are done in a series, usually a series of 3, although you’ll see a significant change in your skin after your first treatment. Expect a bit of swelling and redness following your treatment. Swelling will generally subside by the following morning, with redness lasting a couple days. You can resume normal activity as usual.

$899 per treatment

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